Luova Digital

So, why choose Luova Digital? In Finland, there are many large advertising agencies that work with big international brands and make high-quality design. Nevertheless, they are not very flexible or quick in their design process. There are also many small and agile freelancers working in marketing. Then again, they commonly have very limited experience on international brands and more complicated design projects.

Luova Digital is between these options. It’s small and flexible, yet there is plenty of design know-how and experience of working with large international brands and projects. Luova Visual offers you high-quality design with flexible and personal service. No matter how large or small a client is they deserve service tailored to their needs. 

My name is Kim Takala and I’m the founder of Luova Digital. I have experience in working with large international advertising agencies and smaller local agencies. In addition, I have worked as a marketing director and consultant. I’ve designed for brands like Coca-Cola, Fiskars, Ruukki, Nokia, British Airways, Opel, Mercedes Bentz, Microsoft, Aurinkomatkat, Dansukker, Kalevala Koru, Area, Roosanauha, Lufthansa, Maggi. I’ve also designed for many smaller local companies.

Choose Luova Digital and all of my experience and expertise is at your service. Nostetaan yhteistyössä brändisi uudelle tasolle!


Kim Takala
Visual Designer

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